Arrogant Boy Has a Secret Allowing Him To Treat His Town's People Badly Until 1 Day... (2023)


Welcome to Movie Shortens. Trevor is arrogant - his father owns the town and so, for Trevor, there are no consequences. That is until a new kid starts at school - a new kid who has a secret . . .

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Some places feel like they're right out of a dream larkinville is one of those places.

The people are just a little friendlier.

The pace is a little slower.

Yes, larkinville is pretty great there's.

Only one problem in the whole town.

This is Trevor's story.

Trevor stands on some freshly planted flowers.

He sarcastically apologizes.

The woman tells him that it's, okay as she's sure it was an accident, although the expression on her face says, otherwise he tells her that he'll see her tomorrow as Trevor leaves.

She looks at him with disdain.

And we see Trevor walk in front of a moving car.

The driver apologizes for her mistake.

I can already see where this is going.

He then helps himself to a busker's tips knocks over some pain and generally makes a nuisance of himself around town.

The general reaction, however, is one of Tolerance and perhaps fear Trevor walks past, the fence and a dog barks at him savagely.

It is tied up.

So he taunts it with a biscuit lacranville, was a dream for Trevor.

But he made it a nightmare for everyone else as he arrives at school.

The teachers Quake at the windows, the principal sets off an alarm warning everyone else of his arrival, Trevor meets with a small kid who pays him, rather unfounded compliments.

He strides forward and receives his homework from a trio of nerds.

Suddenly the kid tells Trevor that one of the Nerds looked at him.

And despite his protest Trevor confronts the nerd and demands to know if he was looking at his scar, he hits the locker and goes on his way throughout the day Trevor continues to torment the other students.

He injures a kid at dodgeball.

And the kid's mother Janice comes in to see see their principle.

She doesn't care who Trevor's father is she demands that he be expelled.

But the principle reminds her that this Academy was built by a grant received from Trevor's.

Father Trevor is actually Trevor Larkin Janus demands that he at least be brought to her so that she can tell him off to his face.

But the principle reminds her that she actually works for Larkin Industries, but Janice doesn't care.

Let them fire her you're fired.

The principal goes on to remind her that Rick Larkin also owns the apartment, complex that Janice lives in he'll toss her out on the street.

If he hears that Janus, even suggests that Trevor did anything wrong.

Then he'll fire their principal for having the audacity to hear her suggest it.

Then he will pull the funding for the academy and 50 teachers and administrators will be out of a job.

The principal advises Janice to forget it.

This is larkinville in economics class.

The teacher asks a question and Trevor puts up his hand to answer.

The teacher is surprised that Trevor is getting involved, but Trevor uses this as an opportunity to remind the class of how powerful his father is and how he could make the whole town turn to dust with a snap of his fingers.

Suddenly a new kid with a prosthetic leg arrives in the class Trevor is overcome with excitement at some new fresh meat to torment.

The kid introduces himself as Evan Berger burger burger Evan, Burger, Trevor bursts out with laughter and asks.

If he comes with fries is his middle name.

Cheese after class, Evan is dragged Round the Corner instead of Trevor it's, the Nerds who have grabbed him, they warn him that they don't have long they're here to warn him.

Trevor is coming for him.

Evan asks, why him and they explain that everyone is a Target.

And he is the bullseye.

They offer him a word of advice do as he says, it's easier that way he is then formerly welcome to the resistance.

At lunch.

Evan is eating his sandwich when Trevor arrives and demands.

He empty his backpack Evan asks why and Trevor replies Because, I, Said, So, Evan says, no everyone in the cafeteria gasps.

Some students scatter.

And the lunch ladies pull down the shutters, the trio of nerds blame themselves for not trying hard enough and declare him to be a dead.

Man, Trevor starts to threaten Evan, but Evan calls his bluff.

Trevor punches Evan squarely in the face that night Trevor is playing video games.

When the doorbell rings, he yells out for someone to get the door.

But when the bell continues to ring, he angrily gets up to answer.

It himself as Trevor opens the door.

He is confronted by Evan and his old grandmother.

She asks if it was Trevor that gave him a black eye, Trevor asks how they found his house before threatening to call the cops.

But the old woman tells Trevor to ask for Evan's forgiveness.

Instead Trevor tells her to get off his property and tells Evan menacingly that he will see him at school tomorrow as he tries to slam the door in their faces, the old woman steps forward and starts to Chin an incantation, the wind howls and the skies darken for the first time in his life, Trevor felt afraid around larkinville, the other people weren't quite sure what they felt they couldn't quite place it.

But they knew it was different.

The old woman finishes her spell and Trevor closes the door that night at dinner Trevor's father is relating how Janice had the nerve to bust into his office today and tell him that his son was a menace Trevor claims that the DodgeBall incident was an accident.

And his father unreservedly believes him, Rick's wife, Kendra says that she feels sorry for the kid.

And he tells her that she is made of sugar and can help, but be sweet pass, the sick bag, I think I'm gonna puke he goes on to say how he has evicted Janus and her family from their apartment.

Kendra is horrified and delicately suggests that maybe Trevor shouldn't be so aggressive, Rick tells his son to tell Kendra what being less aggressive get you trampled on snarls, Trevor, Rick clarifies that in this life, you wear the boot or you're under it later that evening Trevor is laughing at videos online when he hears a noise from outside.

He looks out the window and feels disturbed by the weather as his alarm goes off.

The next morning.

He jumps out of bed and stands in front of the mirror overnight.

He has got younger.

He tries to hide this from his parents simply claiming to be fine.

He is a long way from fine and thinks that he knows why Trevor runs from his house into town on the way.

He accidentally steps on the freshly planted flowers again, the lady that he encountered the day before grabs him.

And although he tells her that he is really sorry, this time she recognizes him, but is having none of it.

She she has dreamed of this moment and prayed that someday someone was going to stomp on him.

He struggles free and runs across the road crying for help.

However, The Flower Lady, Reveals, His identity to all those whose lives he has been making a misery all these years.

They know that he is still Rick Larkin's kid.

But somehow it felt different.

They all sought to give Chase, but Trevor manages to outrun them.

He stops outside the house with the dog.

But this time the dog is Unchained and chases him away.

Trevor tries to climb over a fence.

But the dog grabs him by the ankle Trevor manages to shake free and escape.

The dog's jaws.

He later, arrives at school and desperately asks the students if they have seen Evan Berger.

No one seems to be interested, but suddenly he runs into Janice's son.

He recognizes Trevor and calls out that he got his mom fired in their family evicted from their home other students.

And even the teachers gather around Trevor and start to push him around, he is backed up against the wall and cries out for somebody to help him, Evan, shouts, stop and a passage clears through the crowd, although the others claim that he deserves everything, he gets Evan states that if they do this, then they are just as bad as he is Evan, takes Trevor to his grandmother's house where he apologizes to both of them, promising never to pick on anyone ever again.

He falls to his knees and pleads for forgiveness begging to be made big again.

The old woman tells him that the things we do to others.

We do to ourselves love others.

And you love yourself, hurt others, Trevor interrupts her and says that he understands the old woman chants, another incantation and tells Trevor that in the morning, the world will be as it.

Should he thanks her profusely and Promises to never forget.

She tells him that she knows, he won't Trevor goes to bed and can hardly wait till morning when the world will be as it should be Trevor has been given a second chance.

And the only thing he has to do is to live it.

The alarm goes off the following morning and Trevor checks out his reflection in the mirror.

His first thoughts are of payback any storms out of the house.

However, he fails to notice the sold sign outside as Trevor tramples over the flowers instead of The, Flower Lady.

It is his father who stands up and asks.

Why Trevor did that Trevor is shaken and asks why his father is working his father reminds him that everyone works for the burger family and stands aside to reveal the name of the town Burgerville.


This is getting good.

A red sports car drives up with Kendra inside.

She blows a kiss to Rick.

And then we see that she is now married to the Busker Trevor stays in disbelief, but is then handed a pair of gardening gloves by his father who puts him to work Trevor screams.

And it is said that his scream could be heard across Three Counties carried on the same wind that had Swept Away a town ruled by fear and left something better growing in its wake yes.

Burgerville is pretty great.

The people are just a little friendlier and the pace, a little slower, some places feel like they're right out of a dream.

So what do you think did Trevor get what he deserved or should something even more terrible have happened to him and will Evan now become the new Trevor as always let us know in the comments below we are movie shortens.

And if you'd like to see more, please click on our playlist of videos on the screen.

Thanks for watching.

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