How To Mod GTA 5 In 2023 (2023)


In this video, I teach you how to mod GTA 5 in 2023

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In this video I'm going to be showing you how to install the necessary files, you need to install mods on GTA, 5., I'm also going to be showing you how to install a mod menu, scripts mods, which are usually the fun mods and weapon.

Mods also install mods at your own risk.

I'm not responsible.

If you mess up your game files or something, alright, let's get into it.

So the very first thing I'd like to do before installing mods on any game is to make a copy of all the games files.

The easiest way to do that is to go on Steam right-click, whichever game you want to do go to manage and browse local files.

Then you'll see this path up here, click, common, select GTA 5, right, click and click copy.

And then you can just paste it in here as you can see, I already have a copy down here I like to do this.

Because if you really mess up your game files in the modded version, you can just delete this version and then rename the the other one to just regular Grand, Theft, Auto, 5., I, don't know, exactly how you do this if you're on epic games, but I'm, sure, if you just Google how to find game files from epic games, launcher you'll be able to find it.

The next step is to install WinRAR.

This helps you read zip files, just click download right here and then download WinRAR again, you should see it in the bottom left here, or you can go to your downloads tab on your PC and it'll be in here.

So anyway, you click kit.

You open it up.

And then you click, install I'm, not going to install it because well, I already have it installed.

And another thing you have to know about WinRAR is this basically it's saying, this is only a trial version, and you can only use it for 40 days.


Not true.

Winrari is 100 free and uh, you can use it for.

However, long you want you'll just see this pop-up anytime you want to open a zip file, your free trial period has ended.

You can just exit out of that and you'll be able to view your file.

You don't, necessarily have to use WinRAR if you're more familiar with like 7-Zip or another one like that, then you can use that instead.

So after you've installed that go down to the open IV link and click download, you should see it pop up in the bottom.

Left click, run choose whichever language.

You want obviously I'm going to choose English, except the agreement I like having a desktop icon.

But if you don't want one, then obviously you can unselect, it click, continue click, yes, it'll install real quick.

Now you want to open open IV you'll.

See you have a couple different games to choose from, but obviously I'm gonna go for GTA 5.

And now it wants to know the location of your GTA 5, go to browse and it'll, usually find it right away.

But if it doesn't, it takes you to this area go to wherever you have your GTA 5, installed mine's, a new volume, steam, Library, steam, apps common and GTA 5.

And then just select that folder, click, continue click, continue again, wait for it to start up there.

We go once you have open IV open go to tools go to ASI manager.

The top one and the middle one are the only ones you need to install be sure to click, yes on this one.

It pops up.

You can install the bottom.

One it's for the Rockstar editor.

It allows you to have a bigger boundary for the free camera in the editor, but I don't do much with that so I'm not going to install it.

You can then close this part.

Then you want to click, edit mode, click, yes to this.

And you'll know when you're in edit mode because you'll see this new pop-up in the top left, see I'm, not another mode and it's, not there and go into edit mode and it's there.

So click, new folder and you're going to name this folder.

Scripts there we go now you can see we have a scripts folder then you're going to want to go back to your regular GTA 5, game files and you'll see the mods and scripts folder are here, too next up we're going to install script hook, V click, download, you'll, see it pop up in the bottom left here, select bin click, extract two I'm, just going to extract it to my desktop here's, the extracted version click into it, select script hook, V and D input and then drag and drop them into your GTA files.

The reason why we didn't put native trainer in there is because it's just a really basic mod menu and we're actually going to be installing a lot better mod menu.

Next up is script scroll down down and then click, this will be right next to cube open it up and then select everything, but the readme and the license.

Those are just text, files, click, extract I'm again, just extracting these to my desktop here.

They all are and drag and drop them into your GTA 5.

The next thing is native UI click, the link in the description and then click the next to the cube open it up, select both files, extract two again, I'm just doing to my desktop because it's easiest here, the two files are, and you actually want to drag and drop them into your scripts folder here they are in the scripts folder.

Now we're going to be installing a mod menu, It's called menu.

There are other mod menus.

You can install I know, Rampage is pretty good also.

Simple trainer is pretty good, but I just prefer menu.

And you don't want to download it from this download button or these download buttons a moderator, basically explains why the author isn't, updating it anymore, they're updated on GitHub.

So click, this link scroll down until you see menu, next to the cube click it open.

It up, select menu, ASI and manual stuff extract once again, I'm going to my desktop.

Once you've extracted them you're going to want to open open IV click, GTA 5 for Windows, click, edit mode and drag and drop both files into there.

Now, let's launch GTA 5.

So I can explain to you how to use manual.

So once you're in story mode, click, f8, click, f8 again, from here, you can mess with the time, basically anything that has to do with the game.

You can spawn cars just like that.

You can make the cargo really fast give yourself God mode, make yourself invisible.

How to navigate the menu you use the number pad, or you can use the arrow keys.

So if you're using your number pad, it's eight to go up two to go down and five to select stuff.

And then if you're in the vehicle multipliers it's, six to turn it up and four to turn it down for arrow.

Keys, it's, pretty self-explanatory up to go up down to go down.

And you click enter on something you want to select and then it's backspace to get out of it.

And it is zero on the numpad to go out now I'm going to show you where to get different mods from and how to install them.

So I use to get all of my mods we'll download, a scripts mod first because it's, the easiest so I'm just going to scroll through here until I find a mod I like so I want to download this mod.

It seems pretty cool once you click into it don't download it from this download button download it from the current version, because sometimes that won't be linked up to the current version.

So click, the download button.

It will take you to here and then click the big download button.

This mod has a bunch of different abilities that you can do so that's.

Why I'm downloading it I open up the mod you've installed once you open the mod, there will usually be a readme text for most mods and it'll tell you how to install the mod or known issues with it.

Most script mods are installed the exact same same way.

You put the necessary files into your script folder.

So you select both of them, and then you can drag and drop them into your scripts folder.

Here they are in the scripts folder.

Let's launch the game and check out this mod here we are back in the game if I click J, it should repulse everyone around me.

Oh my God.


Yep, uh, apparently, something's happening.

If I click I, it should paralyze everyone around me.

Yep, there we go and uh, loud noises are happening all right.

So that's, pretty cool.

But you may be thinking, well, what if I accidentally go into online with this? Well, here's? What happens if you try to go into online play GTA, online, I'm gonna go invite only session.

Yes, I'm sure I want to quit GTA 5.


We are loading into GTA online.

And there we go.

So it won't, even really let you get close to going into online with mods on don't worry, it's, not like you can't play online anymore, I'm actually going to show you how to get into online so I'm going to quit the game right now you're going to want to open up your local files.


You see this file right here.

D input8.dll I like to create a new folder on my desktop and just name it like GTA 5, Mod file thing.

So left click, D input, 8, right, click, click, cut click into the folder, right? Click paste.

So D input 8 is no longer in your your GTA 5.

And you should be able to play online now let's go test it out.

So when you're back in story mode, just go into online, like you regularly would I'm just gonna go into an invite only session.

And we should load in just fine there.

We go I have loaded into my apartment.

So if you try to use menu or any other mods, you've installed in GTA Online, it won't work because removing that D input 8 file makes it so that none of your mods will work and I've been playing GTA online by just removing the D input, 8 file for like two years now and there's, no chance that you'll get banned because well, I mean, you're, not doing anything wrong and to get your mods back.

You just put the D input, 8 file back into your GTA.



Go do that right now, open the folder you have D input, 8 then click it.

And then just drag it back into your GTA 5 folder.

There we go, you can see it's back in there.

And all of our mods should be working again, I'm actually going to download one more different type of mod for you guys, let's install a weapon.

Mod I'm, gonna find one I like and then get back to you all right.


Wrapping paper.

Bat looks kind of cool.

It replaces the baseball bat.

And there are no known issues with it.

So click download from the current version, but download again, once it routes you open it up and we're gonna left click and extract this one and I'm doing desktop should be right on our desktop.

Yep, here we are.

And so you'll.

Notice there's, no read me file in this one.

Sometimes instead of including instructions in a readme file, the author will just put them in the description.

So this is where you want to go for this one we're going to need to open IV since it's, an update an x64 open up open IV.


So this next part is kind of hard for me to explain, but I think, if you just watched, uh, you'll, get it better.

So after update, you see how it's broken by a slash and then x64 and then DLC Packs.

It means you click update first and then it'll bring you into the update folder.

Then you click, x64, DLC, Packs patch, day, 3ng, which is right here.

Dlc.Rpf x64, models, CD images and weapons.rpf and now you're where you need to be for this mod.

So I guess think of this as kind of like a map or like directions on like what to click after what if that makes sense, I'm, sure it does.

And now you're just going to want to drop the files, which when I do weapon, mods I like to do it twice just to make sure I actually like did it I guess I, don't know, maybe I'm just a bit dumb also it's, a good idea to click copy the mods folder.

And then put the weapons file in there.

So that you won't be modifying your actual game files, you'll just be modding, the files that are in the mods folder, I'm, not doing that, though because I'm recording and again, take a while to copy the the files into the mod folder.

But if you want to be extra safe and not mess with your actual game files, then you should do that.

Now if we launch Grand Theft Auto, we should have menu back the Gojo mod and the Christmas, wrapping baseball.

Bat we're back in GTA 5 and click.

F8 menu should work.

Yep here it is and the Gojo mod should work.

I think Jay did something uh, yep, it's doing something there goes that guy.

And we should have the Christmas wrapped back.


Never mind.


Don't have a bat.

You can give yourself any weapon using menu, melee baseball, bat equip weapon.

Yep, here we go.


Christ, almost got hit by that fire truck.

But yep, we have the Christmas bat.

Hey, calm down.

Man, oh, damn.

It I missed let's.

Have these firefighters for almost hitting me? Are you kidding? Me I missed again, let's just give me, super run and super jump and let's get out of here.

Oh I'm an idiot.

But anyway, guys I think I'm gonna end it there be sure to subscribe and check out some of my other videos.

If you like mods on GTA 5., also, if you have any questions, drop them down in the comments and I'll, try and answer them all right? That's.

It see.


Can you mod GTA 5 without being banned? ›

Nope. You can't get banned for modding an offline game, although I guess it'd kinda make it more boring for you as you can zip through the story and just be done with it nearly instantly (if you're modding it that way). The only way you can get banned is if you go online, mod, and grief other people intentionally.

How to do gta cheats online? ›

On PC, you can press one keyboard button (¬ in the UK or ~ in the USA) and then type in the cheat code on your keyboard. On Xbox, PC or PlayStation, you can also enter cheat codes on the in-game phone. Press up on your D-pad to bring up the phone, then enter the special code.

Can I download GTA V mods? ›

You can mod GTA 5 in two ways: With . ASI mods and with . DLL mods. Before installing any GTA 5 mods, you'll also need to download some extra add-ons like Script Hook V.

Does GTA Online detect mods? ›

Online Modding

When using the Rockstar launcher, you'll even be notified that your current game files include unauthorized files. So, yes, you will get banned for using Mods on GTA Online on official Rockstar servers.

Can you get banned for GTA God mode? ›

GTA Online players can get banned for abusing it, which is more likely to happen if they get reported by a player they're griefing.

Does GTA ban modders? ›

Do GTA 5 modded accounts get banned? Game developers can't ban every single person from using mods. They can only catch those using low-quality mods without enough security features that bypass their anti-cheat software. So, if you bought and use a quality modded GTA account, there's no risk of getting banned at all.

What is the money cheat in GTA 5? ›

Is there a GTA 5 money cheat? No, there is no money cheat for GTA 5—not even in the singleplayer mode.

What are secret cheats GTA 5? ›

GTA V PC Cheats
  • PAINKILLER: Become invincible for five minutes.
  • TOOLUP: Get all weapons.
  • TURTLE: Full health and armour.
  • POWERUP: Recharge special ability.
  • CATCHME: Fast run.
  • GOTGILLS: Fast swim.
  • HOPTOIT: Jump higher.
  • FUGITIVE: Raise wanted level.
Oct 17, 2022

How to get rich in GTA cheat? ›

While GTA 5 features an extensive list of cheats for all sorts of other things, none of them let you add money. That's right. There is no money cheat in GTA 5.

How to play GTA mods? ›

The most common mod menus can be activated by pressing the F8 button. Users can navigate using the num pad and select their desired mod and activate it by pressing num 5 on the keypad. Each mod has different settings and buttons to activate.

Where do I get GTA mods? › - Your source for the latest GTA 5 car mods, scripts, tools and more.

Where do I put GTA 5 mods? ›

On Steam, it's 'Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V'. That's pretty much it! Most script mods you download will have a single . asi file that you drop into the same folder, though some may have a few extra files.

What is a GTA mod menu? ›

Mod menus essentially allow GTA Online players to do whatever they want (at least, whatever is available in they are using). They're notoriously common on PC, especially since they're easy to use. However, there are several things to keep in mind: Using them can get a player banned.

Will verifying GTA remove mods? ›

Generally not. Verifying the game files compares the currently installed game files (mods aren't included) against the current game file manifest and reacquires anything which doesn't match the manifest.

Is GTA 5 mods safe? ›

Yes, the gta5 mods and lcpdfr websites are generally safe to download from. Once in a blue moon there might be something malicious, but the last time I heard of something like that it was one or two years ago. The moderation teams on both websites do a good job of catching pretty much anything before it can cause harm.

Does Rockstar ban glitchers? ›

Additionally, Rockstar bans players who abuse any game-related bugs. Any automobile duplication or money multiplication bugs fall under this category. Despite the fact that some players have gotten away with it, many continue to face the possibility of being banned.

Are GTA glitches illegal? ›

You can indeed get banned for doing in glitch in GTA 5. If you care to take the chance for a money wipe for ban go ahead.

Why am I banned from GTA? ›

GTA Online bans are triggered by a number of factors, including modding in GTA Online, exploiting or abusing game mechanics, manipulating protected game data and code, or otherwise interfering with other players' gameplay experience. All GTA Online suspension and banning decisions are final and may not be appealed.

Does Rockstar allow mods? ›

Modification of Grand Theft Auto is not endorsed by Rockstar and as such there is no official editor tool that allows manipulation of in-game files.

How long is a GTA ban? ›

Things that happen after GTA Online players get banned

Most of the time, players get a 30-day ban.

Will I get banned if a Modder gives me money? ›

First of all, getting money dropped on you won't get you banned, and it has never caused false bans.

Is there a secret money in GTA 5? ›

Hidden packages are scattered throughout the vast open world of Grand Theft Auto V, offering players an opportunity to earn substantial in-game cash and enhance their gameplay experience. However, These packages are found in various locations, including the ocean floor, wrecked ships, and other hidden spots.

How do you get $200 million in GTA 5 story mode? ›

Press "Buy" again then "Confirm" and finally "Continue" to complete the transaction. As soon as you have done so, choose "Sell All" and "Confirm" to sell all the stocks back again and get your money back. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until you have "spent" $200 million.

What are some GTA hacks? ›

Try them out for yourself!
  • Change Weather: MAKEITRAIN.
  • Director Mode: JRTALENT.
  • Drunk Mode: LIQUOR.
  • Explosive Ammo Rounds: HIGHEX.
  • Explosive Melee Attacks: HOTHANDS.
  • Fast Run: CATCHME.
  • Fast Swim: GOTGILLS.
  • Flaming Bullets: INCENDIARY.
Mar 9, 2023

How to get girlfriend in GTA 5? ›

Go to the Vanilla Unicorn strip club.

Unlike in GTA IV, the only way to have a "girlfriend" in GTA V is by interacting with one of the stripper non-playable characters (NPCs) in the Vanilla Unicorn. You can find the Vanilla Unicorn next to the Olympic Freeway in Strawberry, Los Santos.

How to get free money? ›

Now that you know that these and other opportunities to earn free money are out there, it's time to find out where to look.
  1. Get Bank Rewards or Stock Bonuses. ...
  2. Earn Credit Card Bonuses. ...
  3. Take Advantage of Your Employer's 401(k) Match. ...
  4. Refer Your Friends. ...
  5. Search for Unclaimed Money. ...
  6. Apply for Grants and Scholarships.
Apr 3, 2023

How many cheat codes are in GTA 5? ›

Grand Theft Auto V for PC contains 29 unique cheat codes that can be entered to unlock the likes of flaming bullets, invincibility, free weapons and vehicles, and much more. This GTA guide provides a complete list of all available GTA 5 PC Cheats and a quick guide on how to enable cheat codes in-game.

What is infinite ammo cheat code? ›

Infinite Ammo: L1, R1, SQUARE, R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE, DOWN, L1, L1.

Where do I get mods for GTA 5? › - Your source for the latest GTA 5 car mods, scripts, tools and more.

Can PS4 be modded? ›

To install mods on PS4, scroll through the main menu to the mod submenu, find a category, and pick the mod — clearly a lot easier than before!

Are mods free? ›

Most mods are free (with a few notable exceptions).

This is because it is usually illegal under the terms and conditions of the original game to sell derivative works based on that game. Some games allow (supervised) paid mods though. But the vast majority don't.

Is PS5 jailbreakable? ›

You Can No Longer Update Your PS5 and Games

To successfully jailbreak your PlayStation 5, the system needs to be running a specific firmware version or older. So if you want to jailbreak your console, you need to hold off on updating your PlayStation 5.

What GTA has mods? ›

While GTA IV already had many mods and tools due to its age, GTA V modders had difficulties creating mods until completely new tools were made. One of the most notable tools created was OpenIV, a file exploring and editing program allowing for easy manipulation of the game files.

Can you mod GTA 5 on ps4? ›

GTA 5 cannot be modded on the PlayStation 4 without a jailbreak. The terms of service for Rockstar Games and Sony prohibit players from adding or making inexpedient changes to their games and platforms.

How to install GTA 5 addons? ›

Steps for installing Replacement mods and add-ons

Players need to open their GTA 5 folder, then go to update, then x64, then dlcpacks, then open up the latest patch folder. After this step, they should open up the dlc. rpf file and enable edit mode. Players must now extract the replacement mod into the vehicles.

Can you mod Xbox one? ›

Another popular Xbox modding method is hot swapping, which involves physically swapping the Xbox hard drive onto a computer, and then using a Linux-based Live CD to alter the data. If you're getting into Xbox modding, you may know that there are a variety of modding kits you can use and many games you can mod.

Is it possible to get mods on Xbox? ›

Mods are only allowed in games that support them. Xbox has a whole does not support them. If you don't want anything to happen to your account/console, it would be best to avoid using mods.

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