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Editor’s Note: Huge thanks to CityMom photog Britny for her expertise and tips to ensure your newest addition’s first photoshoot is perfection!

Between the multiple feedings every night and overall lack of sleep it can be hard to remember how tiny your baby was. My favorite photos as a mom (and a photographer) are newborn family photos- their tiny toes, little scrunchy noses, and fuzzy heads. If you're considering a newborn session, I’d suggest talking to a photographer before your baby is here. Ideally, the best time to chat is when you’re around 32 weeks so they have you on their radar.

  • Photographer jargon so you know what to ask for:

    • Birth sessions are exactly what they sound like. Photographers document the birth of your child.

    • Fresh 48 sessions are the 48 hours immediately after the baby is born.

    • The newborn phase is typically considered 10 to 14 days after the baby’s due date.

    • Milestone sessions are 3, 6, 9 months and one year to show their growth.

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Even though they’re newborn photos, typically the whole family will jump in for photos at some point so you’ll want to start thinking about what everyone will wear.

When planning what your family will wear for your newborn photoshoot, start by looking at your photographer’s previous work. See if their photos have warm tones, bold colors, or more neutral tones as their editing will have an impact on your final images.

Also, check with your photographer to see if they have items you can borrow. Some newborn photographers have studios with props, wraps, and cute accessories for you to use. Some even have closets full of dresses for newborn clients to choose from!

Expect a change of clothes for at least the baby during the newborn shoot, it’s usually easier to pick a color scheme and stick with it for the whole session.

For photos of the new baby by themselves, I always love having one dark tone, such as forest green, and a neutral color, such as white to accent. I might even use a wrap with a subtle pattern or different textures to add some character to the photos.

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Mama brings in more of that neutral color in her outfit with a neutral top or a flowy dress for example.

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For big sister (or big brother) I’d suggest pulling in a lighter color, like blush, to help balance out the outfits.

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For dad, a solid shirt, whether a button-down, sweater, or t-shirt is best.

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Lifestyle newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your own home. Lifestyle newborn photos tend to feel more laidback so comfortable clothing is completely acceptable. Your photographer is more like a fly on the wall for these sessions; capturing the whole family interacting with your new addition.

As a postpartum mom, I leaned into the relaxed feel. I didn’t want to put on maternity jeans after a c-section or anything tight so I opted for a flowy top and leggings!

A good rule of thumb is to pick a color palette that looks good in the nursery as some photos may take place there. Nursery a mess or not all the way finished? It’s okay! A good photographer will move items out of the way and adjust a space as needed (or edit it out). The most important thing after delivery is for you to be healing and for your baby to be taken care of, not cleaning the house for your photoshoot!

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A few final tips:

  • As new parents the last thing you want to be doing is scrambling to find a photographer after your baby is born. Find a photographer whose style you love, whether in-studio posed newborn photos or in-home lifestyle photos. Make sure you like their editing style as well.

  • Lastly, while packing that hospital bag also lay out possible outfit options for your newborn session so it’s one less thing to worry about later.

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Britny is a mom to two littles, a wife to a baseball coach, a veteran, and a photographer for theCityMoms. She loves to read, go to Purdue football games, and is always up for a girl’s night in with Moscato.

Preparing for your newborn photoshoot — theCityMoms (2024)
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