Roblox DOORS Codes (April 2024) - Free Revives! (2024)

Updated: May 1, 2024

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In the horror experience DOORS, players must maneuver throughout, and ultimately escape, a haunted hotel by sneaking, sprinting, solving puzzles, and, most importantly, evading various chilling monsters. While many players may view this experience as overrated, I think it deserves the hype it's received! Not only does DOORS offer some fun scares, it's also just a well-developed and clean-looking experience.

If you're brave enough to venture through this experience and are looking for the newest codes to help you on your journey, you're in luck, I have a list of codes ready for you to use! These DOORS codes will reward you with free Knobs that you can use at the start of your run to purchase various items like Vitamins and Lockpicks, which can help you survive longer and take shortcuts through the hotel.

All Roblox DOORS Codes List

Roblox DOORS Codes (Working)

  • THEHUNT—Redeem for a revive (New)
  • 4B—Redeem for a revive (New)
  • SCREECHSUCKS—Claim this code for 25 Knobs

Roblox DOORS Codes (Expired)

  • THREE—Redeem for a revive and Knobs
  • 2BILLIONVISITS—Redeem for a revive and 100 Knobs
  • SORRYBOUTTHAT—Claim this code for 100 Knobs and 1 Revive
  • SORRYFORDELAY—Claim this code for 100 Knobs and 1 Revive
  • ONEBILLIONVISITS—Claim this code for 100 Knobs, 1 Revive, and 1 Boost
  • PSST—Claim this code for 50 Knobs
  • LOOKBEHINDYOU—Claim the code for 10 Knobs and 1 Revive
  • TEST—Claim the code for one Knob
  • 500MVisits—Claim the code for 100 Knobs and 1 Revive
  • 100MVISITS—Claim the code for 100 Knobs and 1 Revive

How to Redeem Roblox DOORS Codes

It's easy to redeem codes for free rewards in Roblox DOORS. To do so, follow the instructions below.

Roblox DOORS Codes (April 2024) - Free Revives! (1)
  • Launch Roblox DOORS
  • Click on the Shop button on the left-hand side of the screen
  • In the Shop menu, click on the Enter code here text box on the top of the screen
  • Click CONFIRM to redeem your reward

How can you get more Roblox DOORS codes?

To stay in the know about the latest DOORS codes, I'd suggest following the developer(LSPLASH)on X (previously Twitter) @DoorsRoblox, joining theirLSplash Official Discord Server, and bookmarking this code article here on Pro Game Guides. I'm always updating with new codes straight from the developer.

What are all the DOORS entities in the new update?

The long-awaited Hotel+ update has finally arrived and with it has come new rooms, keys, items, and, of course, entities. The list below details all of these newly added entities and what they do.

  • Snare
    • Snare is one of the most infuriating entities in the entire hotel, so it's a good thing it can only be found in The Greenhouse! Once you've made it to The Greenhouse, Snare will plant itself somewhere in the grass, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. If you accidentally step on Snare, you'll be trapped in place for three to four seconds, unable to escape from the Rush or Ambush that's likely on its way, and damaged 10 points. Having a flashlight or lighter that you can use to look for Snare is imperative in The Greenhouse!
  • Void
    • In multiplayer servers, Void only "attacks" those who stray away from the group, though it doesn't actually deal any damage and simply teleports them near the other players. If everyone on your team stays together, you shouldn't have to worry about running into Void.
  • El Goblino
    • Looking for a nice place to relax in the midst of door-opening chaos? Pull up a chair next to El Goblino and stay a while! This friendly entity is located in the room after The Library and can be spoken to upon interaction, which makes it one of the most peculiar entities in the entire hotel. Not only does itappearharmless, itisharmless, offering no damage or even a jump scare to the player. After interacting with El Goblino a handful of times, it will eventually stop responding and simply look at you.
  • Bob
    • Where there's an El Goblino, there's a Bob! Bob is a friendly entity who, upon interacting with it multiple times, does nothing and says nothing, at least not while non-entities are around. Bob enjoys sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to its best friend, El Goblino, talk about anything under the sun. Life is simple for Bob, and it seems ok with that.
  • Jeff
    • Jeff is a friendly, non-damaging entity who works at the mid-hotel shop and provides players with a variety of items that can be purchased with Gold. In game, all that can be seen of this entity are its glowing eyes, though it's been revealed that Jeff has long tentacles that it uses to restock the shop's inventory when it gets low, thanks to thePLS DONATEbooth inspired by it. After a purchase is made at the shop, Jeff's eyes will light up, showcasing its assumed happiness to help the player.
  • Dupe
    • Added with the long-awaited Hotel+ update, Dupe is a mischievous entity whose main goal is to cause the player confusion and then strike when they least expect it. As you maneuver throughout the hotel, you may reach a room that hastwonumbered doors inside of it, rather than the usualone. When this happens, be sure to enter through the door that makes sense chronologically—for example, if you just walked into room 31, and you see two doors waiting for you (32 and 33), enter door32, not door 33. If you enter the doors out of order, skipping over the right door, Dupe will jump out and attack you, knocking you over and taking a portion of your health.

What are all the DOORS achievements and badges?

Looking for a quick peek at every badge in DOORS? Check out the list below.

What is DOORS?

DOORS is a first-person horror experience that challenges you to navigate your way through a haunted hotel by finding and unlocking various doors—100 doors in total! Some of these doors will lead you room to room, while others will require you to complete a puzzle to unlock them. The deeper you go into the hotel and the longer you stay alive, the harder this experience becomes, which is why keeping up to date with codes and unlocking their free bonuses is so important!

For the horror fans, PGG has you covered. We also has codes to help you in some of your other favorite horror experiences, such as Roblox Nanny [HORROR] Codes, Roblox Bear Codes, Apeirophobia Codes, and Escape the Darkness Codes. Be sure to bookmark these pages to check back for new codes added daily!

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Roblox DOORS Codes (April 2024) - Free Revives! (2024)
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